Chief Revenue Officer / Sales Director

Burlington, Vermont, United States


Packetized Energy provides the electricity industry with a new bottom-up, device-driven software platform for managing distributed energy resources, (DERs), such as water heaters, electric vehicle chargers, HVAC systems, and battery storage. Our solutions provide utilities with the flexibility needed to match supply and demand in real-time, solving market and grid problems, while giving electricity customers the ability to better manage their data and devices. Our platform scales easily, so utilities can coordinate millions of devices, increasing the value but not the complexity.

We believe the clean energy transition is vital for our society and planet. A successful transition requires energy to be affordable and reliable, electricity supply needs to be responsive and flexible, and the whole system simply has to be easy to use for

customers. In short, energy should be friendly.

Come join our team as we build virtual batteries from connected things, smoothing the transition to a clean energy future.

Our Chief Revenue Officer, CRO, is expected to have a successful background of scaling revenues into the hundreds of millions, building lasting relationships with utilities, device manufacturers, and supply chain actors, and building and managing sales teams. We expect our CRO to have full understanding of SaaS-based cross-channel marketing and the programmatic space. We seek an individual with demonstrated success in delivering rapid revenue growth.

In the new world of media and technology, the successful CRO will have deep knowledge of cross-channel marketing, native advertising, programmatic, and the latest trends in digital advertising.

Understanding how to establish and maintain excellent relationships with C-level executives of key target clients and channel partners is tougher than ever, but just as important.

Expertise of growing, training, and managing a national sales team, including developing sales strategies and matrixes for analyzing sales performance, is essential for our CRO to be seen as our business development leader.

The Chief Revenue Officer should expect to participate actively in strategic and business unit planning to develop reasonable and thorough revenue projections for annual budgets and multi-year projections. They will participate actively in contract negotiations.

The CRO role requires strong financial analytical, modeling, writing, PC and software skills. Our CRO will be called on to “evangelize the company,” through participation in key industry events.

The CRO will be expected to find any and every go-to-market opportunity that provides leverage within the context of our company’s strategy. Metrics and analysis and data benchmarks are vital skills. This job needs to test demand generation, selling, growth hacking, etc., to measure success and failure, and as a leader to know when, where and how to “double-down.”

A minimum of at least five years of direct sales experience is required.


The following are desired qualifications for this position:


This position will receive a competitive compensation package including salary, bonus, stock options, and benefits.

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